Things to Do

Activities You Can Engage In

At Nelson Bay, there are lots of activities to engage in and immerse yourself in. From sports and adventure to camping and family holidays, the list of things to do never ends. Here are some things that you can think about if you are coming to Nelson Bay.

Koala, Australia

Learn About the Indigenous Culture

On top of the list of things to do is learn deeply about the culture of the Aboriginals. New South Wales is particularly an area concentrated with the highest number of Australians who are Aboriginals. With them, you have the chance to learn a whole lot about various Australian cultures and tribes.

By taking a tour guided by an Aboriginal, you get deep insight and understanding of their beliefs and, most importantly, why they act the way they do. Along the tour to their parks and museums, you will discover ancient arts, cultural centres, rocks, galleries, etc. You also get to witness their festivals, visit their attractions.

Heritage and Culture

As earlier stated, New South Wales is popularly known for its rich and versatile culture. From the early indigenous settlers of the land to the modern Europeans currently occupying the land, there are so many rich and fascinating cultural fonts to witness.

You get to enjoy the art gallery, museum, festivals, food, music, etc. With Nelson Bay, you get to explore the rich culture and history of NSW.

Busselton Jetty in Australia

Sporting Activities and Adventure

In New South Wales, you will surely find lots of adventure to engage in year-in-year-out, regardless of the season. You can engage in various sports such as mountain climbing, hiking, etc. You might as well explore the highest part of Australia’s mountain.

You can also check out UNESCO’s Heritage Wilderness, check out the beautiful waterfalls, the old caves, etc. Whatever adventure you see fit will have you excited and pumped. Some of the other adventures worth trying out include going golfing, canyoning, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, cycling, etc. 

Water Surfing

New South Wales has lots of breathtakingly stunning beaches and water attractions in the whole world, right from the Beach Duranbah located in the north to beach Nadagee set in the south of NSW. The beach has a beautiful coastline that spans well above 200 meters.

The coastline is beautiful and picture-perfect. The kind of place you come to for deep relaxation and to enjoy yourself. You can also engage in various water activities like surfing, sunbathing, snorkelling, swimming, etc. The beach has a lot of sand to play in.

Family Vacation

If you would like to have a getaway or a perfect vacation location for your whole family, then New South Wales is your perfect destination. At any time of the year you would like to visit, you would always find something to spark your interest. From the parks to the beaches to the road trips, you’ll have the time of your life.


There are various locations set out and perfect in New South Wales if you would like to discover and embark on a camping adventure. There are so many places to chill out with friends and loved ones.