Know All About Nelson Bay Hotels

Nelson Bay is arguable the most essential town territory located in the south of Port Stephens. It is an extremely vast town just in the heart of Port Stephen. At the bay, you get to witness the beautiful marine life, the wharf, the movement of water boats and ferries.

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The bay is situated just about 1800 kilometres above sea level and 59 kilometres north of Newcastle. It is also up north of Sydney, well above 200 kilometres through the road and the motorways.

The origin of the name ‘Nelson Bay’ is not quite clear. Some think that the town got its name from Admiral Nelson. Others propose that the name came from a ship or boat called Lady Nelson, which the Governor used at the time he paid a visit to Port Stephens in the year 1812. Some others also opine that the name originated from Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died a hero while fighting at Trafalgar in 1805.

In turn, Nelson Bay Hotels was founded around the year 2000. We are a world-class company deeply devoted to the growth and all-round development of tourism in the whole of Australia. We are very passionate about advancing the tourism industry in Australia thorough majorly through the use of technology. 

At Nelson Bay Hotels, our commitment to our customers is a priority. We ensure that we deliver qualitative and excellent services to our clientele to ensure that we still maintain a long-lasting relationship in the years to come. We provide them with the most comprehensive travel guide. This way, they can enjoy a seamless experience.

The interconnection of Nelson Bay and the tourism industry here in Australia entails a wide range of activities. These activities are necessary to ensure that visitors enjoy the best possible experience. At Nelson Bay Hotels, we are fully aware of this reality. As such, we offer easy access to the necessary information that visitors need to explore Nelson Bay.

Our website showcases a wide range of information which we deem necessary for you to be kept up to date. We offer travel tips, payment options, car rentals, various attraction sights, etc. We want to grow the tourism industry in Australia by smoothening visitors and prospective visitors’ access to information about touring Nelson Bay.

So, we collate existing data that we deem relevant. We then present them in an easily accessible format to ensure that you can maximise this information to the fullest. You will no doubt find yourself immersed in a lot of activities and adventures that would keep your heart racing as you explore all of its delights. So, we provide the necessary information to help you achieve this.

At Nelson Bay, some activities are a must for you to engage in, such as watching dolphins, having picnics, taking a driving tour, stay in the beach house, etc. You won’t know unless you are told. So, that is why we tell you.

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