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Visitor Information Centre

Are you looking to visit Nelson Bay? Are you looking to enjoy that family vacation in the beauty of the bay? Then, you’ve made a great choice. Nelson Bay offers you a wide range of attractions that ensures you don’t regret any bit of your decision. Instead, you’ll be happy with yourself about the decision you’ve made.

However, to fully explore this area, you’ll need access to information. After all, you won’t know where to go in an area you’ve never been to unless you get told about the best options. This is where a visitor information centre becomes relevant. It provides relevant information about what you need to do and where you can enjoy the best experience.

If you are looking to come to Nelson Bay, then you’re in luck. You don’t have to worry about being confused or missing out on anything. You can easily pay a physical visit to the visitor information centre to clarify the fun things you can do at Nelson Bay. The information centre for visitors is located at 60 Victoria Parade, Nelson Bay. It is regarded as the Port Stephens Visitor Information Centre.

You’ll find all that you need to know to make your experience the best possible out there. You can also reach out to them via call if you don’t want to go physically. You can call them on 1800 808 900. You can count on them to provide a timely response.

There should be no doubt that this centre lends a big hand to your exploration activities. In case you’re still unsure if you should be visiting the visitor information centre, consider the depth of information that they offer. For instance, you’ll find the following information.

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Places to See

This curates a wide range of places that you’ll love to see. This involves historical places around the area that will surely light up your day and experience of Nelson Bay and its environs. You’ll get details about what is special when it comes to these places. You’ll also get detailed directions on how to get there. This way, your experience is seamless and free of any stress whatsoever.

You can visit the centre physically. Alternatively, you can go online and use their information offering. This will allow you to enjoy more convenience as you seek to understand a location.

Things to Do

This refers to the wide range of things that you can do in the area. This is different from the places you can visit. This is because this involves activities that you can engage in. Usually, it will involve a place. However, rather than for, it will be to one thing or the other. This is to ensure you’re not bored by the whole experience that comes with the area. You can visit the centre physically. Alternatively, you can go online and use their information offering. This will allow you to enjoy more convenience.

We have also curated a list of places you can visit under others. Then we have also told you things you can do. So, do well to use them.

Hanging out is their favorite thing to do