Accommodation options available to you while in Nelson Bay 

No matter your budget or preference, we have various accommodation packages that would suit you, from hotels to motels and guest houses. All you need to do is go through our listings. Our available options include the following.

Playing golf. Young woman playing golf with golf instructor

Fairways Lodge and Club Tenterfield for Golf

The extremely serene atmosphere and stunning environment make it perfect for golfers to golf throughout the year’s seasons. The irrigated and very green grass makes it possible to carry out socials except for special competitions and tournaments. Various golfing instruments and equipment are also up for hire.

The location is allegedly one of the most beautiful ones that there is in the whole of Australia. It allows any guest who comes to visit the golf course an overall view of the entire place right from the clubhouse. They also have a bistro with a wide range of offerings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their restaurant is always at your service. Additionally, they have some packages for our golf that fully entail providing accommodation.

Halcyon House

At the Halcyon house, there is no limit to the thrilling experiences you get to enjoy. For instance, there is the Beach Cabarita and the bicycles that come as complimentary on the house. Of course, the bikes also have helmets for safety precautions and make sure you maximise your ride along the coastline.

Better still, you can take surfing tutorials privately at the very popular beach Cabarita. The beach is perfect for a cosy and relaxing late evening picnic. You can always bury your toes in the warm sand while you’re sitting or lounging on the beach or the open. Of course, there are also services at the beach to ensure visitors have the best time.

Aerial view of beautiful hotel on the sea. Sandy beach

Poplars Inn

The inn is located around poplar trees which is where the name is derived from. It is set roughly about 6000 kilometres away from the town along the Newell Highway, quite close to eateries and social locations. It is also within a stone throw from an area perfect for a picnic.

The inn has a very large swimming pool area and an area set aside for barbecue, which would conveniently take a whole family. Poplars inn can very much accommodate people based on preference. If you would like a single room or a family suite, we would gladly make either available alongside access to the internet, movies, etc.

Just within the inn, there is a licensed restaurant that features so many food options.

Broulee Lodge

This lodge is a little guest house set on the coast along the beaches and serene waters with the mountains and dewy hills at the back. The lodge’s name is derived from Broulee, a small village located south of New South Wales.

Broulee lodge is a little motel that offers just a bedroom and two-bedroom accommodation packages. Although the packages are quite limited compared to other lodges and hotels, it delivers qualitative services.