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Nelson Bay is arguable the most essential town territory located in the south of Port Stephens. It is an extremely vast town just in the heart of Port Stephen. At the bay, you get to witness the beautiful marine life, the wharf, the movement of water boats and ferries.

In turn, Nelson Bay Hotels was founded around the year 2000. We are a world-class company deeply devoted to the growth and all-round development of tourism in the whole of Australia. We are very passionate about advancing the tourism industry in Australia by providing a travel guide and relevant information.

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No matter your budget or preference, we have various accommodation packages that would suit you, from hotels to motels and guest houses. All you need to do is go through our listings.

Car Rentals

Today, at Nelson Bay, there is a wide range of car rental services ready to assist you in enjoying the best possible experience. These organisations provide high-quality rental services that allow you to forget you’re not in your car. They are also affordable to ensure that you don’t have to miss out on any fun activity just because you’ve spent a lot on your car rental. So, look no further! Nelson Bay is properly assisted by services bordering on car rentals and car hires. Click here to read more.

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Sunset over the islands of Halong Bay in northern Vietnam.

Things to Do

At Nelson Bay, there are lots of activities to engage in and immerse yourself in. From sports and adventure to camping and family holidays, the list of things to do never ends. You can engage in various sports such as mountain climbing, hiking, etc. You might as well explore the highest part of Australia’s mountain. There are so many places to chill out with friends and loved ones.

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Other Attractions

Nelson Bay is home to lots of attractions and tourist locations. The dazzling and beautiful sights are enough to leave one speechless. For instance, this area is home to the very famous blue mountains. They have an exceptionally great view, coupled with the valleys and the caves, perfect for hiking.

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Visitor Information Centre

Are you looking to visit Nelson Bay? Are you looking to enjoy that family vacation in the beauty of the bay? Then, you’ve made a great choice. Nelson Bay offers you a wide range of attractions that ensures you don’t regret any bit of your decision. Instead, you’ll be happy with yourself about the decision you’ve made. However, to fully explore this area, you’ll need access to information.